We Are Fully Operational Virtually!

To Our Customers,


During these unprecedented times, we want to assure you that TransferEASE has taken the necessary steps to ensure continuity of services.

  • We have instated a primarily work-from-home model. TransferEASE has prepared for this type of
    threat by selecting equipment and access methods that allow our staff to work remotely with ease,
    and without compromising security. Our network is appropriately hardened at its edges, and
    accessing it requires two-factor authentication. We are prepared to continue delivering services in
    this manner indefinitely.
  • For employees accessing the office, we are scheduling those times to ensure the number of
    concurrent visits is very low.
  • We are sanitizing the commonly touched surfaces in the office regularly. This was already done twice
    daily before this past Friday, at which time we instituted the primarily work from home model…


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