Guarantee Home Sale Programs

TransferEASE Guarantee Home Sale program works within the corporate relocation policy to establish a value on the employee’s present home. We work with professional appraisers, relocation Realtors, qualified inspectors, specialists in relocation legal services as well as a team of property managers to ensure our ISO standards are adhered to for all the Guarantee Home Sale services. Our relocation consultants are very adept in real estate and work with our preferred suppliers to review and establish the guarantee value on the home based on the corporate policy.

TransferEASE will administer all aspects of the relocation policy in collaboration with the corporate client. If policy permits, the consultant will ensure timely equity advances for the purchase at the destination. TransferEASE will directly pay for all costs related to approved relocation services and reimbursement of allowable expenses.


The relocation consultant will guide each employee in all aspects of the Guarantee sale process. This provides our corporate clients and their employees with a Single Point of Contact throughout the relocation ensuring consistency for all their services throughout their relocation.


TransferEASE will prepare a strong marketing plan for the employee to assist with the sale of the home and provide the Corporation with detailed reporting throughout the sale process.


  • TransferEASE provides the employee with recommendations on the best way to market their home, identify potential problems that may hinder a sale and recommend how the employee may be able to rectify them.
  • We provide the employee with a thorough grounding in the dynamics of the real estate market and the benefits of listing the property at a realistic value.
  • We maintain constant contact with the listing realtor and the employee, providing recommendations and guidance on the list price, advertising and techniques to differentiate the property from competing listings.

Property Management

If the home goes into takeover by TransferEASE, the consultant will review the listing and marketing of the home and manage the property. TransferEASE will pay associated expenses on behalf of the Corporation until the property is sold. TransferEASE provides a complete service to maintain properties in inventory in order to protect our clients’ investment and to ensure that those properties are sold quickly and at the best price possible.

How Does The Corporation Benefit?

  • Involvement of TransferEASE to determine the Guarantee Value and to ensure your policy is adhered to throughout the process.
  • Professional service provider to look after the sale of the property which is not the core business of the Corporation.
  • Strong negotiation skills and recommendations to sell the home in the least amount of time for a fair and equitable price.Written monthly reports on the activity and sales efforts.
  • A more productive employee in the new location.
  • Property management and expense management throughout the process.

How Does The Employee Benefit?

  • Knowing that the Corporation is truly interested in assisting them throughout their relocation.
  • Receiving a fair market value for the sale of their home.
  • No need to outlay cash for expenses and being able to proceed with the home sale and the home purchase.
  • Having use of their equity and not having to worry about the ultimate sale of the home.
  • Faster settling in to the new location.