Global Compensation Services

Whether you are deploying talent worldwide or bringing talent in from other locations, we can assist you throughout the process. TransferEASE will support you with talent globally for business, short or long term assignments and permanent moves. We provide a customized list of services including COLA, Hypo Tax Calculations for payroll and taxation, tax consultation and tax services throughout the assignment as well as Full Global Cost Estimates. Our systems are confidential and allow us to upload data directly to each employee’s file ensuring confidentiality and reliability with ease of access through a single portal access.

Full Global Cost Estimates including validated data set containing over 30 financial benefits. The estimate includes Company sourced data, partnered with real time costing for items such as airfare, hotel, and meals to name a few. The data is current with updates done quarterly and can be rerun throughout the assignment to ensure tracking of costing remains in-line.