Budget Preparation

The number one criteria of a successful relocation is the creation of a realistic budget. TransferEASE has the ability to create, track and report budget details in real-time.


Creating a budget and working with the employee to determine their personal costs, as it pertains to their relocation, is an effective way of involving the employee and helping them fully understand the many aspects of their relocation.

The relocation consultant will work within the corporate policy to establish a relocation budget for every employee. Where there is an already established financial limit, we will assist the employee to best utilize the available dollars.

To enhance our employee experience we provide an online access through the TransferEASE portal. The employees can review and track all expenses related to their relocation.

Benefits of Budget Preparation

Allows the corporation to preview the cost of the total relocation prior to actually starting the relocation. It is also an excellent benchmark to allow the corporation to ensure the employee does not exceed the limits of the policy. If the relocation’s financial limit is exceeded, the relocation consultant will work with the employee on the best use of available dollars.

Please Inquire About Our Cost Estimator Tool

TransferEASE Relocation Inc. has developed an easy-to-use, efficient and accurate Cost Estimator. This comprehensive tool provides intuitive cost estimation incorporating all potential policy provisions associated with US & Canadian mobility programs.