Comparative Value Equivalent (CVE) Differentials

The Comparative Value Equivalent is an objective market-to-market housing price comparison analysis which estimates the difference in market value of a subject property between any two locations. When relocating to a new city where the value of a similar home is higher, the Corporation may be prepared to assist the employee to offset additional expense. The purpose of the study is to determine an estimate of the price an employee will have to pay to purchase or rent a home in the new location that is as similar as possible to the old location.


To determine the differential it is important to complete an objective House to House or Rental to Rental cost comparison. Our analysts extract specific data from the subject home and compare that data to similar recently sold or leased properties at the destination location.


At TransferEASE the comparative analysis is handled in-house. The report is an in-depth analysis of the subject property and the neighborhood and compares properties at the destination with similar attributes. Adjustments are made for the differences. Regardless of the home the employee finally purchases or rents, an accurate CVE provides a clear replacement cost at destination.

How Does The Corporation Benefit?

  • The CVE is used by the corporation to determine what they will be offering their employees when they are transferring to a higher cost area.
  • Quick analysis allowing the employee to move effortlessly to the new location knowing what assistance they will be offered.