Concierge Services

TransferEASE provides Concierge Services for relocating individuals for a variety of move related tasks, aimed at making the transition easier!


  • Move process assistance and guidance – We are there to help every step of the way.
  • Assistance with transferring utilities, mail service, and official address changes.
  • Direction on how to change government services such as driver’s licenses and provincial health insurance.
  • Finding services and facilities in the new location that may be required: facilities, places of worship, doctors & dentists taking new patients, etc.
  • Final Destination information packages – Get to know your new surroundings before you even arrive!
  • Temporary accommodation finding if you arrive before your permanent accommodations are ready.


  • Travel arrangements during the relocation,
  • Car or limousine service to and from flights,
  • Personal grocery shopper services to ensure you arrive to a stocked accommodation,
  • Activity bookings,
  • Customized offerings depending on client need – we can accommodate almost any request.