Destination Orientation

International assignments are often complex and create a new set of challenges for the Corporation, the employee and the employee’s family. TransferEASE Relocation provides faster assimilation in the assignment location by delivering tailored, innovative destination services programs.


TransferEASE provides Destination Services in all provinces and Territories in Canada as well as assists with any cross border or international destinations. Employees who are well prepared and properly supported throughout the relocation process report increased job satisfaction and an increase in successful assignments. The relocation consultant will assist employees in becoming acquainted with their new location and support them with all settling in and departure services.


The relocation consultant will review the corporate policy, determine the best program for the employee and tailor the experience to suit the employee’s family needs. We will prepare a customized package of information for the employee to review.


TransferEASE provides local expertise in over 130 countries and maintains a network of experienced on-road consultants who are culturally sensitive to assist employees in their new destination. This ensures the employee becomes familiar with their destination and receives practical information and knowledge of the local customs. The employee is able to have a smooth transition as they begin work in a new environment.


TransferEASE offers a variety a destination packages to meet your corporate and employee needs. Our tailored packages offer everything from a basic cost-effective package to a concierge program. The consultant can customize a program from a single day of services to a bundled package extending over several days.