Spousal Assistance

TransferEASEs spousal career support network has a team of experts that work across Canada to help assist the spouse in sourcing suitable career paths at the destination. Our experts will help identify the necessary criteria to make the carrer search successful. Regardless of the budget, our spousal assistance program will help the spouse make the career decisions suitable to their lifestyle.


Our spousal career support network offers coaching by phone and face to face, nationwide. TransferEASE’s network are leaders in the Canadian career-coaching marketplace. The services offered are not limited to the individual spousal assistance but they can be customized to assist any level of the corporation right up to the senior corporate level. Through proven assessment tools and customized career coaching, our experts guide clients to their next, best career move.


Our programs are tailored to the needs of each spouse and their available budget. Each spouse has distinct needs therefore, the assessment tools are chosen and the services are built by a qualified team of specialists.