We offer origin, transition and destination services complimented with innovative technology to help you relocate your staff worldwide.

Lump Sum Management

If you are new to relocation, we can design the policy which best suit your needs at no cost!

Relocation Expense Management

Get a copy of our free onboarding guide, a must-have for any company that is planning to bring new employees onboard!

Settling In Services

We have everything you need to learn about relocation available in our simple guides.

Relocation Budget Calculator

Looking to plan your relocation budget? Try our Relocation Budget Calculator.

Vacant Property Management

Our programs are designed to meet the requirements and standards set out by insurance companies on vacant properties.

Guarantee Home Sale Programs

Insourced or outsourced relocation, which is right for you?

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Our latest video features Carolyn Willer as she talks about “What You Need to Know When Buying a Home”.


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What You Need To Know When Buying a Home In Canada
It Cost More Now to Relocate Key Staff Within Canada. Transferring the Title on a Home Purchase is an Additional Cost and Differs Throughout Canada. No two Provinces charge their Transfer Tax using th ...
Buying a Home in Canada Just Got Tougher for Foreign Buyers - Land Tax (NRST)
What You Need to Know About Real Estate When Relocating Staff to Canada (Ontario and British Columbia – NRST). Recruitment for the right talent may make Corporations seek that talent worldwide. To ...
COVID 19 and the Impact on the Canadian Real Estate Industry
The new challenges when buying a home in Canada. In many parts of Canada, this spring has brought unprecedented growth in real estate transactions never seen before.  It gives a new appreciatio ...


Kyle Nelson


“At TransferEASE, we adapt to the changing environment that we operate in order to meet the individual needs of our clients. ”

Our Management - Carolyn Willer Broker of Record

Carolyn Willer

VP of Operations/Broker of Record

“Providing guidance and a positive experience throughout the employee's relocation is our number one priority. ”

Our Management - Ed DeMarchi VP

Ed DeMarchi

VP of Global Business Development

“TransferEASE strives to exceed quality requirements in our service delivery while continuing to provide cost-effective relocation management to our clients. ”