Appraised Value Transaction And Buyer Value Option

TransferEASE focuses on transferring employees cross border or inter USA. We will assist the employee in the sale of their home. We will establish a value on the home based either through the appraisal process for a Guarantee or through The Worldwide ERC® Broker’s Market Analysis and Strategy Report (BMA) for the Home Sale Assistance (BVO). In either case we will prepare reporting that is accurate and timely to ensure we comply with the IRS standards.

Under the Guarantee or Appraised Value Transaction we will establish the value on the home and provide guidance to the employee regarding list price of the home. We will work closely with the realtor to ensure that the sale of the home does not impact the employee’s tax base. This is done with two transactions:


Under the BUYER VALUE OPTION (BVO) we assist the employee on the sale of the home. We will have the home assessed by the listing realtor who completes the Market Analysis and Strategy Report and recommend a suggested list price for the employee. We will assist with the sale of the home. Once an offer is received we handle it in two transactions.

  • Buyer Value Option