Code of Conduct

TransferEASE Statement of Values - Code of Conduct

Our efforts and our resources are all directed at “meeting the needs of our clients by providing cost-effective solutions and delivering innovative relocation management services”. Our ultimate goal is to achieve “the perfect relocation”.

All staff members at TransferEASE agree to operate in an open and transparent in all of our dealings with our clients, suppliers and transferring employees. We maintain respect and demonstrate true diligence in dealing with all suppliers and keep track of the results of our actions. We are a diversified company and take pride in being open minded and encourage the hiring of staff and suppliers from all races and religions, sexual orientations, minorities and new Canadians. We discourage all child labour for ourselves and our suppliers and will report all abuses.

Customer service is everything to us. Our focus is to provide hands-on Total Transfer Care from start to finish. We provide our clients at all levels with a sound knowledge and understanding of all aspects of employee relocation. The employees’ relocations are our priority and we make every effort to ensure the smoothest and most efficient relocation possible. Quality is the key to our ongoing success. We strive to provide programs that maintain the integrity of the employee’s relocation while, at the same time, return cost savings.

Our services and programs are nimble and flexible to adapt to our clients needs. We are true partners to our clients and formulate action and reaction in a collaborative fashion. We research all possible avenues before making recommendations to the corporation to insure we are providing the most qualified answers and we continually strive to make the responses current and reflective of the specific markets and market conditions.