5 Apps For Saving Time and Money on Business Travel

In today’s business world, the internet has put much of the world just a few clicks away, but business travel is still necessary. These apps will help you stay on schedule, and adjust to the unpredictable changes that come with travel:



  1. Hotel Tonight– Hotels sell last minute inventory cheap. Hotel Tonight unearths hotels’ unsold rooms, and offers a steep discount. The photo first approach lets you see exactly what you’re getting, and booking can be done in seconds. Hotel tonight also lets you search by other criteria, like luxury, and hipness.
  2. Trip It – Tracks Itinerary, organizes confirmation and booking emails. Forward all of your booking and confirmation emails to trip it, and it instantly organizes them and creates a master itinerary for your trip. Trip it allows you to keep all of your confirmation and booking e-mails in one place, and allows you to share parts, or all of your trip itinerary with people.
  3. Weather pro– Weatherpro is the most comprehensive weather tracking app available. Offering Detailed weather information for over 2 million locations, Weatherpro can give you temperature, humidity, probability of precipitation and much more, all at your fingertips. Weatherpro also tracks weather for recreation, like skiing, surfing or skydiving
  4. Expensify– The #1 tool for expense report management. Expensify can scan receipts and organize and categorize expenses all automatically. Expensify also offers report generating, next day deposit reimbursement, per diem functionality, and even mileage tracking. Expensify makes it simple to take snapshots of physical receipts, create receipts for online transactions, and generates simple, categorized expense reports in real time.
  5. Know Roaming– Cellular data service. A Know Roaming account allows you to access discounted rates while away from home. All phone and data usage is recorded and easy to review, and account top ups are simple with a smart phone. Know roaming offers local and long distance phone rates, as well as discounted data rates.

Smart phones and apps offer endless possibilities for simplifying business travel. Be sure to stay informed on the latest apps for business by checking reviews at sites like www.getapp.com or Forbes magazine online.

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