How To Ensure That Your Employee Accepts The Relocation

Congratulations your company is growing! You may be expanding to an exciting new city or simply expanding your already existing networks in other cities. You need to hire more employees but you also need to restructure your organization. In order to jump start your expansion, this requires the expertise of your current employees in your new location.  This means relocating employees. Human Resource departments are left with the tough job of figuring out the relocation process, but how do you get an employee to uproot their lives for your business?

Here are some things to consider before you, or your HR department, offer a relocation package to your employee.


Money plays one of the biggest roles when employees consider relocating for their job. Is your employee being compensated appropriately for their relocation, or are they expected to pick up any of the financial burden of their relocation? Does relocation impact their quality of life? Are you moving them to a more expensive city and will they live as they do currently or are they expected make sacrifices because of a higher cost of living in their location? Is the city an ideal place to live? Is their salary adequate? These are all questions that you must ask yourself before offering your employee a relocation.

Advancement in Career

Is the transfer a promotion? Asking your employee to uproot their life for your business should feel like it is an opportunity for your employee. You’re causing your employee an inconvenience so the relocation should come in the form of a promotion.  This role should probably have more responsibility and a higher career designation (manager, director, etc).  Employees are more likely to take a position, even if it involves a relocation, if they feel it is an advancement in their career.


Does your employee feel trusted, valued and empowered? Appreciation goes a long way, especially in a professional setting. Many employees leave jobs and companies when they do not feel appreciated. Therefore if you are asking an employee to relocate, you must show that they are appreciated and a valued member of the team. If your employees feel trusted, valued and empowered then they will be more open to the idea of relocating for the benefit of you and the company.

Relocations can be tough. You’re left between a rock and a hard place because you can’t offer your employee the world or rain money on them, but you aren’t sure if you are making them feel that they are important to you. No one likes the thought of being just another item to check off a list in your company’s restructuring. An employee that feels like they have a stake in the corporation and feel like they are part of the team is likely to invest in a move.

You can achieve this by being transparent and open about the company’s finances and potential business growth opportunities as a direct result of the employees move and contribution in the new business location.  There is a mutual respect and trust that should exist between you and your employee for them to accept a relocation any monetary benefit.

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company, without them your business operation would come to a halt.  You depend on them daily but even more so when they become crucial to the growth of your business. For employees to be invested in the future of your company, it is imperative that employees are compensated, promoted and valued for their work.

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