Boutique is Trés-Chic: Benefits of Boutique Style Relocation Companies

As time advances, many companies who are looking to relocate staff members are beginning to rely on smaller relocation companies to relocate their staff. In the past this was not always the case. Larger relocation companies were synonymous with credibility and therefore began to dominate the industry. Why is it that a once detrimental term is quickly becoming one affiliated with success in the relocation industry?

  1. Less Added Fees

Although some may think that a large company has the benefit of cutting costs due to high demand, there are actually cost savings to be found in boutique style companies as well. Large companies have many locations and staff which can quickly contribute to growing costs and fees. With smaller relocation companies, the expenses are kept to a minimum which means that the cost savings are passed on to you as well.

  1. Consistency in Level of Customer Service

The problem with large companies is that their level of customer service can vary. Depending on the agent servicing your relocating employee, they may have a positive experience the first time, and a negative one the next. At a smaller boutique style relocation company, staff are constantly upgrading customer service skills, and also developing relationships with the clients they service.

  1. One-On-One Attention

Also referred to as single-point-of-contact, this system of functionality ensures that each transferee’s case is assigned to one relocation specialist, from the start of their relocation to the end. This allows for the company to provide personalized destination services. With smaller sized businesses, employees will be referred to by name, and not labeled a number. Each employee is cared for individually which allows for you to not have to worry about your employee’s relocation getting lost in the shuffle.

Overall, it is the level of customer service that allows for boutique-style companies to overtake their larger competitors. The one-on-one care with transferee’s leads to a great overall experience for the individual while transitioning into their new location. The individuality and care that stems from these smaller companies has, and will continue to, provide companies with peace of mind over their employee’s relocation.

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