Employment Relocation: Family Matters

Your families’ willingness to relocate for your new employment opportunity is paramount to a successful employee relocation. Uprooting your family is not an easy decision to make. This decision must consider several different factors. Here are 4 things to consider before choosing to relocate your family.



1. What is the time frame of your relocation?

Corporate relocations can span over many different time periods. There are several different types of employee relocations and mobility programs, including:

  • Business trips
  • Short-term employee relocation
  • Long-term employee relocation
  • Permanent employee relocation

Each above listed time frame requires different thoughts when deciding whether or not to have your family relocate with you.

Business trips are usually short-term, and occasionally frequent. There usually is not any permanent residence established, and therefore relocating family members is not common.

Short-term employee relocations are on average 3-6 months. If your relocation assignment is short-term, you must decide if it is worth relocating your family for that time. Some companies will provide financial compensation for visits home, or even for your family to visit you during your assignment.

Long-term employee relocations are on average 2-3 years in length. This is a long period of time to leave your family. Some relocation companies may provide mobility services such as paying for trips to visit your family if you decide to relocate without them.

Permanent employee relocations do not have a concrete time frame on when or if you will be returning back to your original location. These relocation assignments involve relocating your family because there is not a future date of returning to your current location.

2. Will you be losing a dual income?

If you and your spouse both work, you must determine if your spouse will be able to obtain work in your new location. A relocation, no matter how far, for work or otherwise, can be a difficult transition on its own without losing a full income that you have come to rely on.

If your partner wants to continue working, then you must make sure that there are positions in their field in your new location. Some relocation companies will provide Spousal Assistance to assist in finding your partner a job, and other relocation companies may offer your partner a job within the company to ensure you relocate.

3. Do you have children? How old are they?

The decision of relocating for work with children can be a challenging one. The level of difficultly however is heavily reliant on their age. Different age groups present different problems when relocating.

If your child is between the ages of newborn and 5, it is much easier to relocate them. This is because they are either not yet in, or just entering school and therefore do not have as substantial roots as if they were further into school. If your child is younger, you will also need to find Child Care Services for them

Many times, if a child is relocated and is in middle or high school, they can struggle with the fact of leaving friends and making new friends. This can lead to the child being withdrawn or depressed. This is especially prevalent if the relocation is an assignment that is 2-3 years or permanent.

4. Will you thrive in the cities culture?

Employment relocation to a new city involves a change of culture, no matter where you are relocating too. Every country, city, and even neighborhood is different. You must make sure that not only you, but your entire family will thrive in the new cities culture. This means ensuring there are activities for all members of your family to participate in. Some companies offer relocation services such as Cross-Cultural Training to help integrate you into your new environment.

Also, if you are able to thrive in the cities culture, making friends after your relocation will be easier because you will be more comfortable and confident in your surroundings.

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