How to get Canadian Millennials Motivated to Relocate

The new generation is making its way into the job market, with different expectations then generations prior. Millennials, a generation defined as the generation that followed the epic generation X, is graduating from University and 95% of HR managers are reporting a surge in their presence during the interviewing process.

Runzheimer conducted a survey in 2015 based on information collected from 200 HR decision makers at companies with over 500 staff members, as well as 1,000 U.S. adults currently seeking employment in the United States.

When asked “How important is it to you to move to a new area at least once in your career?” approximately 6.5% more millennials than Baby Boomers said it was important. This shows that American millennials want to relocate, but not without a list of demands. The question is: does this ideology transfer to Canadian millennials?

  1. Throw out the old perks and programs

These old perks and programs won’t work for American millennials. The main tactic that has fallen obsolete is the promise of a company vehicle. An overwhelming 72.5% of job seekers would prefer remote work days over a company vehicle.

However, these perks and programs would still apply to Canadian millennials due to the mass of rural and remote area present.

  1. Suggest relocations to larger cities

Opposed to the previous generations, generation X and the baby boomers, who prefer to be relocated to similarly sized cities, millennials want to move to larger cities. Millennials in the United States prefer Pacific region states. Over 31% of millennials would choose a Pacific region over any other when given the option to relocate.

Canada is different when it comes to desirable relocation sites. Although our Pacific province of British Columbia is enticing to any young millennial, larger cities such as Toronto and Montreal are also attractive.

There is one question that employers must ask themselves before agreeing to this term regardless of location: Are you prepared to offer incentives to your potential talent to meet the higher cost of living in these regions?

  1. Get used to offering workday flexibility

Flexible workdays are becoming more and more appealing, for all generations. A staggering 84% of job seekers in the United States say that workday flexibility would influence their willingness to relocate for work. This demand transcends to Canadian millennials.

Therefore, regardless of location, if you want to speak the language of millennial talent, and lure them to a new location, you must ask yourself: are you ready to offer different incentives, perks, flexible work days, and more?

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