Things to consider before moving to Canada

Cross border Canada Us Corporate RelocationYou may be considering immigrating to Canada. Before you apply for immigration and invest in your new future it is imperative that you look at what that future may look like with regards to employment, housing, and quality of life.


While the government will give preference to certain skills and professions they do not find the job for you. This task of job hunting once you’re in Canada can be tedious. So it is best to prepared by answering these questions;

  • What are the skills and jobs in high demand?
    • Which industries are growing and where?
    • Is the education and training you posses sufficient for the job and industry of your choice?
    • What are working conditions and wage expectations for a job?
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Depending on where you decide to live, housing costs can vary. If you’re moving from the U.S, it is likely you and your family will have to adjust to a smaller home for a larger price tag. This is because average house prices in Canada have been on the rise. The new mortgage rules implemented last month by the Canadian federal government also put limitations on the purchasing power of an individual.

Quality of life
Many factors can impact your quality of life. Relocation can be stressful, however Canada is a great place to immigrate into because of the number of government funded programs provided to newcomers and citizens. These include;

While traditional routes into Canada will require you to get an immigration visa and then seek employment; it is possible to find a job first. Some companies will hire non-residents depending on the skill they need and assist you during the move using a relocation provider.

Investigate if your current employer has branches in Canada or if they are currently looking to expand, speak with your HR department to see if you would be a candidate for relocation. This would be mean that your companies relocation supplier will take care much of the logistics of your move and will also ensure that quality of life is not impacted significantly.

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